We will continue to drive technology-fueled growth with Equinix capabilities – Opeke – The Sun Nigeria


By Chinenye Anuforo [email protected]

The Chief Executive of MainOne, an Equinix company, Funke Opeke, said MainOne intends to continue to drive the technology-powered growth seen in African economies through Equinix’s expanded capabilities.

MainOne was acquired by Equinix, the global digital infrastructure company, on April 1, 2022.

Delivering his welcome speech at Nerds Unite 2022, hosted virtually by the company last week on “The Power of Global Interconnection,” Opeke said, “We are thrilled that Equinix has entered in Africa for the first time via the MainOne platform, with the aim of integrating our facilities into their global Ëquinix Fabric platform which already connects more than 10,000 companies, 65 cities and more than 200 data centers worldwide.

“We believe the possibilities are endless and we intend to continue to drive the technology-powered growth we have witnessed in our economies through these expanded capabilities from Equinix.”

“We need growth because the past few years of pandemic-induced recession and now high inflation have not been easy for businesses or our tech professionals who are increasingly looking for greener pastures in the future. ‘abroad and we’ll do more here.”

During the keynote, Judith Gardiner, Vice President, Growth and Emerging Markets, Equinix, explained that the company is the world’s largest provider of interconnects and data centers. She said, “Our goal is to be the interconnection platform for the world’s leading companies.

She also highlighted that Equinix’s entry into Africa comes with great added value for the continent: “As we grow our infrastructure platforms and partnerships in the region, start-ups in Nigeria will have the same access to the power of the entire data center network. from Platform Equinix, similar to the most sophisticated multinational operating from Singapore. And not only will Lagos, Accra or Abidjan FinTech have this global access, but they will also continue to enjoy access to the rich ecosystem that MainOne has already integrated into its data center region through peering with global and local players to ensure that 40% of its Internet traffic ends up in the country and continues to grow. »

Gardiner also said Equinix powers the financial industry with interconnections in 30 countries and six continents. The organization provides access to global service providers and network service providers.

She argued that the organization will continue to develop MainOne and Platform Equinix infrastructure across West Africa. “We are confident that in the years to come, we will see this landmark event as a game-changer in the digital transformation fortunes of many of the companies represented here today.”

The conference included two round tables. The first focused on “Unleashing Growth through an Interconnected Global Digital Infrastructure” and the second was “Maximizing Business Efficiency and Minimizing Talent Drain and Increasing CAPEX through IT Outsourcing”.

They both included industry experts who discussed the vast benefits that subscribers can enjoy through the power of global interconnection and IT outsourcing.


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