JNU Executive Council Approves 70% Licensing Fee Waiver for Stores Inside Campus


The Executive Council (EC) of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) decided on Friday to approve a 70% waiver of license fees for stores inside the campus that suffered losses due to the closure at the time. of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The EC also decided to create an office for international affairs and change its security company, among other things. “The board has approved waiving 70% of licensing fees to all stores awarded by JNU that were closed in 2020 and 2021 due to lockdown due to the spread of Covid-19,” Registrar Ravikesh said on Saturday. in a press release.

“The board has decided to establish an international affairs office at the university for the internationalization of the university as foreseen in the NEP 2020 with regard to joint degree programs / twinnings, opening of offshore campuses, etc. .”, he added.

The EC also approved to “initiate a tendering process to engage the university’s most robust integrated security services.”

Vice Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit previously told The Indian Express that with multiple complaints against the security company – Cyclops – especially for thefts from teachers’ houses, the company would be changed.

“We are changing security because we realized there are security issues on campus. We will announce and name the best that come. There were also thefts and there were many problems. Last time, I was told, it was not done through a proper tendering process. So we are working under government rules now,” she said.

Ravikesh added that the EC has also endorsed the recommendations of the Health Infrastructure and Services Review Committee to “streamline the university’s health facilities for the benefit of all stakeholders i.e. students, faculty, staff and retired staff.

“The Board also made various major decisions regarding academic matters of the university, namely allowing MPhil/PhD scholars to take maternity/childcare leave for up to 240 days in accordance with UGC rules, grant recognition to institutes like Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management (AJNIFM), Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO), International Center for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS), Thiruvananthapuram,” the Registrar said.

“The matter of promotions and the reckoning of past service of faculty members was discussed and the Honorable Vice-Chancellor ensured prompt action in this regard,” he added.


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