CNOOC hands over water project to Kikuube communities



KIKUUBE- The China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), which currently operates in the Kingfisher Development Area in Kikuube District, has handed over a water project to water-stressed communities at Buhuka Landing Site on Lake Albert. .

Peter Banura, the chairman of Kikuube District LCV, said during the commissioning of the facility on Wednesday that Buhuka is a water-stressed area and is receiving a water project for the first time. Residents must therefore protect it because it is the only source of water.

Banura, called for the protection of water sources and wetlands, asking residents to give up the habit of planting trees in the wetland as it has caused water-related problems in the district.

“As district leaders, we are happy that CNOOC has come to help our people gain access to safe and clean water. People should use the water project carefully and avoid vandalizing it,” Banura said.

Banura said CNOOC provided over sh1.7b which was used to build the water system which has over 54 standing pipes and serves a 14 kilometer radius.

Enoth Tukamushaba, the project engineer, said the Buhuka Gravity Flow System Rehabilitation Project is a community water and sanitation project implemented by CNOOC Uganda to provide safe water and specific to the five villages and more than 13,000 inhabitants of Buhuka have benefited from it.

“The project is a very big contribution to the communities and it will improve people’s livelihoods. We have obtained a license to take 9,000 twenty liter jerrycans of water per day which we treat and supply to the communities,” said Tukamushaba.

Chen Zhuobiao, chairman of CNOOC, said the oil company will remain a reliable partner in improving the livelihoods of host communities.

Zhuobiao urged communities to take good care of the facilities to ensure the project runs for many years.

William Kiiza from Buhuk said they used to depend on dirty lake water which exposed them to waterborne diseases.


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