Basic banking service provider Modularbank now does business as Tuum


Modular bank, the next-generation core banking solutions provider, recently revealed that it has launched its new corporate brand identity to “better reflect the values ​​of its business and its market offering.”

The new company name is Tuum, which means ‘core’ in Estonian, ‘highlighting both its native roots and its goal of helping clients boost their businesses from within through the use of its banking technology’.

The announcement also mentioned that the brand refresh “hints at the new scope of the business, which has evolved considerably since its inception in 2019”.

Although the company was initially established to focus on serving banking institutions, Tuum’s flexible core banking technology is not limited to banks, it can also help fintech companies and “any type of business looking to offer innovative financial services, ”the announcement explained. .

For two years that the company offers services. It has grown steadily and has “acquired an impressive customer base across Europe”.

It currently employs over 60 workers across Europe with offices now in Tallinn, Berlin and Malaga.

The company has also (previously) finalized a funding round of 4 million euros. The new brand identity “seeks to align both with the company’s ongoing expansion plans – to expand its core banking platform offering both in Europe and beyond – and with its history and philosophy, ”notes the update.

As stated in the announcement:

“Tuum brings together years of experience in technology and banking. This expertise has enabled the company to build an extremely flexible, lean and modular core banking platform capable of meeting the different needs of a wide range of clients ranging from banks to other types of businesses (in all verticals) seeking to roll out new or offer improved banking services to customers.

The new short and “punchy” name that excludes the word “bank” “also eliminates any confusion as to the services offered by the company; Tuum is not a bank but a technology provider and trusted partner for banks and businesses as they go digital or launch new innovative value propositions.

Vilve Véné, CEO and co-founder of Tuum said:

“After growing rapidly over the past two and a half years and rapidly evolving to meet the needs of not only banks but also non-banks venturing into the financial services arena, it was time to renew and refresh our corporate identity to align it with our corporate strategy.

She added:

“The rebranding marks an exciting and important step on our way to expand our reach and solidify our role as a trusted partner that customers can count on to help them transform and introduce new services and develop solutions. advanced technologies that move the bank forward into the future. . “


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